Atlas College Marketing is a full-service promotional marketing agency that specializes in creating and executing college marketing programs. We provide program strategy and logistics as well as staffing solutions for events & campaigns on or near college campuses. Atlas was founded in May 2011 by Dan Levy, a 2011 college graduate who worked experiential and guerilla programs during his college career and recognized the need for improvement among staffing agencies. After staffing hundreds of events with staff from over 125 college campuses nationwide, Atlas is continuing its path of improving the status quo in college marketing by becoming a full-service agency. We have built strong relationships with our clients because of our...

Passion for what we do

Honesty, straight-forwardness and fairness to our clients

Willingness to go the extra mile to get the job done

Our goal is to enhance the value of college marketing campaigns for our clients, plain and simple. We are always honest and up-front with clients about everything, throughout every campaign, so feel free to REQUEST A QUOTE and we can chat about how Atlas can help you!

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