Reading the Gen – Z in a new light

Reading the Gen – Z in a new light

The Gen Z is the most promising demographic tapped with $ 44 billion buying power. To generate sales, the brand has to think out of the box and make a noteworthy ad campaign. The write-up focuses on enlightening the brands about some of the interesting features of this generation. 

ne of the biggest consumer demographics in the world belongs to Generation Z (Gen Z), born post-1997. These people, on the cusp of adulthood, are one of the most diverse groups of buyers. This generation was supposed to inherit a strong economy, but that was before the COVID-19 pandemic and its resultant aftermath.

This generation is more ethnically and racially diverse, with more than 49% of the population belonging to the non-Hispanic communities. Moreover, they cannot imagine their world without smartphones or digital mediums. Being the best-educated generation of the nation, they have the highest representation in educational institutions. It makes the Gen Z’s the most lucrative age group for the college marketing agency

With a keen knowledge of what is going in the world, selling something to them is indeed a challenging task. Sellers have to understand them better and figure out what makes this generation tick to sell their products. To make it easier for the marketers, here are a few pointers that have helped us in opening new ways to market our clients to them.

Note to understanding the millennials better:

  1. Gen Z is diverse 

As discussed in the beginning, Gen Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse group of the population. The diversity is not limited to only color or race, but also orientation and gender. According to the Pew Research Center’s March survey, a huge percentage of the Gen Z population belongs to non-white communities. While 14% are black, 6% belong to the Asian communities, and one out of four belong to the Hispanic communities. A huge percentage of Gen Z are children of the immigrants.  

2. Confident with technology 

This generation, born in the age of the internet, computers, and smartphones, is quite good at finding the answers. Unlike the generation before then, these kids use their online resources before purchasing your products – that is guaranteed. Before buying anything, they will check the credibility of the brand 

So, how can you use this to your advantage? Well, for starters, build up your online presence and work through social media and other online channels. Also, make it a point to publish relevant content on the media or collaborate with the influencers to grab the attention of this age demographic.

3. They can filter the chatter to get the real picture

Due to the exposure to the internet and television advertisements, the kids in this age bracket can very easily filter out the unnecessary chatter about the product. In short, to grab their attention try to create informative content on how the product is made, your companies’ motivations, and how you are your achieving your growth goals.

With more than $44 billion buying power in hand, the advertising to college students canbe a profitable proposition. The Atlas College Marketing LLC ( can help you in building a strong reputation among your targeted audience carefully crafted marketing strategies. To know more call 1 (248) 904-5534 now.   

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