The Future of Guerrilla Marketing After COVID-19

The Future of Guerrilla Marketing After COVID-19

As many of us embracing social distancing and masks as the new normal, Guerilla marketing tactics need to update and change themselves. The in-person experience needs to be safe and in adherence to protocols set by the state and local authorities.

We all know that by stimulating the senses of the consumers, brands can increase their recall value as well as consumer awareness. However promotional staffing companies with experience in experimental marketing point out that with COVID scare and increased emphasis on social distancing – these marketing tactics need an upgrade.

Exploring Virtual Experiential Marketing (VEM)

Going online and taking refuge in the virtual reality could be the answer to maintaining social distancing while delivering the desired experience to the consumer. Tech giants like Microsoft and Samsung are developing tools and software to enhance the augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) to provide an intriguing experience to the user. Apart from that, there is holographic and wearable technology that can be used.

But these things come with their limitations. Firstly, virtual experiential marketing would be expensive. In most cases, these tools would push the cost of marketing campaigns making it impossible for the local SMEs to hire them. Secondly, the VEM would never be completely touch-free. There would always be some in-person interaction and touch involved in the scenario.

Talking about Guerilla marketing  

In experimental marketing tactics, the brands creatively interact with the consumers to increase the engagement. The key to engagement is providing a memorable experience to the customer, a concept entirely different from traditional marketing. One of the most talked-about marketing tactics in the experimental field is the guerilla strategy.  

A term coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in the 80s, in this marketing strategy the consumers are caught off-guard in a bid to capture their attention. Emphasizing on the element of surprise, the tactics require some kind of interpersonal interactions for providing the out of the world experiences to the consumer.  

Here are some of the Guerrilla Marketing tactics one can incorporate in the current times,

  1. Mounting art installations
  2. Vending machines
  3. Wrapped up bus stops
  4. Using interactive displays and banners
  5. Informative banners on social distancing

Of course, while running the promotional activities the marketers should make an effort to keep their employees and consumers safe. The touchpoints need to be sanitized frequently, and sanitization needs to be done with utmost care.

Atlas College Marketing Group, LLC is one of the few promotional staffing companies that are working towards making the marketing efforts safer for both the staff and the consumers. To know more, visit or call 1 (248) 904-5534. 

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